Your favourite

local hangout


What is the Local Shack? Simple. A hangout with good old-fashioned service with good old-fashioned prices. Well, that’s not it. We also know you, that is if you are a local indeed.


Every customer of ours is a buddy. And that is why we have made a menu that takes care of your appetite and craving. Fancy a breakfast at 4.00 PM? Look no further. Come to the Local Shack for our all-day breakfast. Want the coffee buzz throughout the day? Indulge in the aroma and taste of freshly roasted, locally grown and WA’s best coffee. Bored of waiting for your food to come? Have a go at Connect4 or Jenga. At the Local Shack, we always have something for everyone.


Everything we do at The Local Shack is for our locals. We love them and want them to come over again and again and again (you get the drift). Fun, Frolic, Good Food and Drink for all – that is what we are all about. Come and see us.